Desert Lion

Bug Reproduction Made Easy

Desert Lion automatically detects, reproduces, and prioritizes problems users experience on your website, so you can focus on fixing them.

Fix what matters

Using state-of-the-art deep learning, Desert Lion detects anomalies and behavioral issues with your user's experience.

Demonstartion of an issue in a website
  • Not all errors created equal

    Desert Lion will notify you of errors & behavioral issues on your website, and prioritize them based on user impact, so you can focus only on what impact your business.

  • Issue Detection

    Using state-of-the-art Deep Learning, Desert Lion detects anomalies and behavioral issues with your user's experience. Go beyond error exceptions and fix problems before frustration sets in

    Prioritized Issues

    By combining multiple data sources, we calculate the urgency of customer issues and prioritize what really impacts your business. We'll notify you of the most important issues first, so you can focus on fixing them

    Integrated in your workflow

    We integrate with your existing tools, so you can keep using the workflows you love. We support Slack, Monday, Github, and more

    Secured and Private

    Our platform is built with security and privacy in mind from the beginning. Our data is hosted on AWS, and we comply with GDPR and ISO 27001 (coming soon)

  • Stop Spending Days Debugging Manually

    Drop your average bug-fixing time. Fix bugs in minutes instead of days,
    and get back to building.

  • Time Travel Debugger

    See what is happening in your code when issues occur. Step through the flow of your code and pinpoint precisely where problems take place

    Root Cause Analysis

    Desert Lion helps you find the root cause of issues faster, by pointing you to the exact line of code that is causing the problem

    Session Replay

    View a detailed session replay of your users experience along with the code. Desert Lion allows you to see the issues your users are having, so you can understand their flow faster

    Performent SDK you'll never feel

    Our SDK is lightweight and doesn't impact your app's performance. Desert Lion is invisible to your users